Goals & Vision

We in Pequod firmly believe in the role of science as a driving force in societal progress, in that it comprises the main way to access knowledge. A well informed society on scientific, academic and technological advances, becomes a conscious society, capable of making responsible decisions to face the great global challenges: health, water and food, energy, climate and environment, communications, education, economics, politics and social welfare.

The scientific production must meet these expectations. Hence, it needs to find ways to make itself accessible not only to the scientific community, but also to society at large. In recent years, the academic environment is shifting to Open Access publication models, as finally outlined by the recent EU Plan-S. These models foster greater transparency and wider dissemination of the results, as well as the open reuse of data. Within this scenario, scientific journals play an pivotal role, enabling the knowledge flow between science and society, and ensuring that quality standards and ethical practices are met.

The Open Access models promote wider reach and greater transparency in the dissemination of scientific advances

Nowadays, a few large publishing corporations control the vast majority of the titles, in which almost the entire scientific production is published in. This context, along with the prevailing academic evaluation system (impact factor), has set aside a great number of publications run in an autonomous manner by research centers, university departments and scientific societies. These journals experienced a loss of appreciation from the scientific community, since authors ceased to consider them as attractive venues to publish their results.

Our goal is to foster the growht of the independent academic publications

We believe in the value of an independent, open and responsible academic publishing. We are persuaded that there is room for the journals that represent this model to grow. Our task is therefore aimed at promoting these journals’ development to their full potential, respecting their own philosophy, in order to (re)conquer the space they deserve in their respective research fields.

Our proposal is simple: we offer a professional way of managing journals based on tasks division. While we deal with the editorial, administrative and promotional issues, the journals’ academic board members can focus on the scientific aspects. Our management and development plans are scaffolded by four main principles:

  • Expediting the publication procedures, in order to upgrade the attention and service received by the stakeholders involved in the peer-review process (authors, reviewers, scientific editors).
  • Establishing growth strategies (both quantitative and qualitative).
  • Increasing the international outreach and reputation of the journals.
  • Encouraging the accessibility to scientific results, by boosting the journals' transition to Open Access models.

We undertake this project with a vocation of being of service to the academic community. We aim to become an instrument to foster science dissemination, to contribute to raising awareness on the social dimension of research, and to promote a more sustainable use of public funds allocated to scientific publication.

Benefits for the journals

· Professional editorial management.

· Scientific control exclusively in hands of academics.

· Goal-oriented strategies to achieve pre-arranged objectives.

· Preservation of each journal’s characteristic identity.

· Visibility and influence expansion.

Benefits for users

· Enhanced and diligent attention to authors, reviewers and academic editors.

· Streamlining of the editorial process.

· Shortening of the publication time.

Benefits for the society

· Support to independent publication, linked to research centers.

· Promotion of Open Access models. Broader outreach  and transparency.

· Adaptation to Plan-S and Horizon 2020 goals.

· Better use of public resources (libraries subscriptions, article processing charges).

· Contribution to science results dissemination.


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