Pequod - Scientific Publications Management

Pequod is a project launched in Barcelona in 2019 by a team of enthusiast and innovative professionals qualified in research and scientific publishing, with expertise in different fields, such as Biology and Bioengineering, Earth and Environmental Sciences, Life Sciences and Medical Sciences, and Social Sciences and Humanities.

We are experienced editors and have worked both for Open Access academic publishers and for traditional non-scientific publishers. Our multidisciplinary educational and professional background allows us to understand the journals’ status and peculiarities, the needs of all the parts involved (editorial board, reviewers, authors, etc.) and the publishing market, and to contribute to reaching their maximum potential.

We created Pequod to support scientific journals linked to research institutions, university departments and scientific societies to enhance their performance. How? We professionalize the editorial management of the journals, their structure and communication, by adapting our services to their specific needs.

Our core mission is to remove barriers to innovation in non-corporative academic publishing and to contribute to the free dissemination of knowledge through independent, open, and responsible publications.

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  • Siracusa 4 Barcelona